Hi! My name is Alina Dorion. I’m currently a music and journalism double major at Drake University. You can find my resume here and my portfolio here.

You can read more about me and my story here.

The Blog

assorted sheet music - Photo by Cassi Stewart on Unsplash
Photo by Cassi Stewart on Unsplash

I keep a blog about my life and other random things, which you can find here.

Currently, I’m writing about all sorts of topics revolving around being and preparing to be a music major: What kind of classes do music majors take? What can you do to prepare for college life as a music major? How much should you practice, anyway? (Lots!)

As someone who’s going through the process of majoring in music myself, I hope to shine some light on what exactly a music major’s college life is like, whether you’re planning to major in music yourself or are just curious about those college kids who always seem to be busy practicing somewhere.

So, welcome. Take a look around! I’m glad you’re here.