National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library (NCSML)

Social Media | Writing | Videography | Photography

At the NCSML, I executed a variety of marketing activities, including developing a tailored initiative to increase brand visibility among younger audiences. I also generated ideas and content for Instagram, Twitter (X), and Facebook; wrote newsletter content, press releases, and blog posts; and photographed events.

Social Media: Summer Family Free Day & More

I increased the NCSML’s visibility among younger audiences by introducing an idea to use the existing Summer Family Free Day logo to create a Snapchat filter for the event.

I also developed social media content for Instagram and Facebook to promote events throughout the summer.

Newsletters, Blog Posts, & Press Releases

I collaborated with stakeholders and conducted interviews to write stories for the Summer 2018 issue of the NCSML’s biannual newsletter, Most.

Event Photography

I also photographed museum events throughout the summer.