Projects at Drake University

SEO | Design | Business Planning | Writing

At Drake University, I completed projects related to search engine optimization (SEO), web design, graphic design, and business planning. I also wrote an article about local strikes related to climate change for the Spring 2019 issue of Drake Political Review.

Web Design, UX & SEO Analysis

Our team analyzed MAC Cosmetics’ web design and user experience (UX) and suggested improvements. We also analyzed MAC’s placement in search results for key terms and against competitors.

Magazine Design Project & Business Plan

I designed a sample magazine cover and pages using InDesign. I also created a business plan for the magazine, researching and developing sponsorship goals, customer segments and profiles, social media strategies and measurement tools, marketing strategies and competitor analysis, advertising and distribution considerations, and more.

(*Images used in the magazine pages are not mine and are for placement only (FPO). Image sources are listed in the Appendix section of the business plan.)

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Drake Political Review, Spring 2019

I researched, conducted interviews for, and wrote the article “School Strike for Climate Change.”

—”From Sweden to Des Moines, youth activists are growing the conversation on climate action.”